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The Ron Paul Scholarships are awarded once a year to at least three undergraduate, or soon to be undergraduate, students that have met the selected criteria.  (more…)

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All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown


By: Ron Paul

The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when the US Senate averted a government shutdown by passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This year’s omnibus resembles omnibuses of Christmas past in that it was drafted in secret, was full of special interest deals and disguised spending increases, and was voted on before most members could read it. (more…)

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Know Your Student Loan Debt

With the U.S. student loan debt totaling over $1.2 trillion, more and more people are beginning to thoroughly analyze the issue and its causes. Today, the Guardian released an alarming report with numbers that suggest most incoming college freshmen have little to no idea what they are getting themselves into as they embark on their college experience.

The report points to one type of loan in particular as being the most troublesome. The federal loan, which constitutes an astounding $1.1 trillion of our nation’s total student loan debt. (more…)

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McCain and Obama: Do They Really Oppose Torture?


By: Ron Paul

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its long-awaited report on CIA torture of detainees and the reaction has been strong. While some still maintain that torture is justified, the emerging details of the program have left most of the country disgusted and ashamed. (more…)

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C.I.A. Tortures Well Beyond Legal Limits

A Senate report released yesterday claims that CIA interrogation techniques since 9/11 have gone well beyond their legal limits. reports that:

The torture report released Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee says the CIA deceived the nation with its insistence that the harsh interrogation tactics had saved lives. It says those claims are unsubstantiated by the CIA’s own records.

Deceiving the American people was a key component to ensuring that these techniques could continue. (more…)

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Internship Grant Deadline Today!


The deadline to apply for the spring 2015 Louise Tate Internship Grants is today, Tuesday, December 9th!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get paid $1,000 for your unpaid internship in the Washington D.C. area. We will be choosing two award winners for the spring semester who meet the selected criteria.

Please click here if you would like to find out how to apply. 

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Applications Now Available for 2015 Ron Paul Scholarships!


Today we released the application for the 2015 Ron Paul Scholarships! It can be found here: 2015 Application & Requirements

In 2015 we will be awarding at least 3 scholarships, with the largest being the Ron Paul Patriot Scholarship in the amount of $10,000!

Here at the Campaign for Liberty Foundation, we could not be more excited about what the future holds for the Liberty Movement. Every year, we hear from hundreds of inspiring young people who want to spread the messages of limited government, individual responsibility, and sound money. These young men and women deserve our help! (more…)

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Who Wants to be Defense Secretary?


By: Ron Paul

It seems nobody wants to be Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration. The president’s first two Defense Secretaries, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, both complained bitterly this month about their time in the administration. The president’s National Security Council staff micro-managed the Pentagon, they said at a forum last week.

Former Secretary Gates revealed that while he was running the Defense Department, the White House established a line of communication to the Joint Special Operations Command to discuss matters of strategy and tactics, cutting the Defense Secretary out of the loop. His successor at the Pentagon, Leon Panetta, made similar complaints. (more…)

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Internship Grant Application Period Ends Soon!

Intern 2

On December 9th, the application period for the Spring 2015 M. Louise Tate Internship Grants will come to a close. If you have an unpaid Spring 2015 internship with a liberty minded organization or Congressman, make sure you apply today for these $1,000 grants! (more…)

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2015 Ron Paul Scholarship Applications Available December 1st

The application period for the 2015 Ron Paul Scholarships are just right around the corner. Applications will be available here, starting December 1st.

These scholarships are awarded once a year to at least 3 undergraduate liberty-minded students who meet the selected criteria. Our goal is to help offset the rising cost of a college education so that you can focus on your real dream, fighting for liberty.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we were able to award a fourth scholarship this year. Check out the 2014 award winners:  (more…)

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