Greece Today, America Tomorrow?


By: Ron Paul

The drama over Greece’s financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines. As this column is being written, a deal may have been reached providing Greece with yet another bailout if the Greek government adopts new “austerity” measures. The deal will allow all sides to brag about how they came together to save the Greek economy and the European Monetary Union. However, this deal is merely a Band-Aid, not a permanent fix to Greece’s problems. So another crisis is inevitable.

The Greek crisis provides a look into what awaits us unless we stop overspending on warfare and welfare and restore a sound monetary system. (more…)

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For Normal Relations With Cuba, End US Interventionism


By: Ron Paul

Last week we saw an encouraging sign that the 50 year cold war between the US and Cuba was finally coming to an end. President Obama announced on Wednesday that the US and Cuba would restore full diplomatic relations and that embassies could be re-opened in each country by the end of the month. (more…)

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Obamacare’s Best Allies: The Courts and the Republicans


By: Ron Paul

By ruling for the government in the case of King v. Burwell, the Supreme Court once again tied itself into rhetorical and logical knots to defend Obamacare. In King, the court disregarded Obamacare’s clear language regarding eligibility for federal health care subsides, on the grounds that enforcing the statute as written would cause havoc in the marketplace. The court found that Congress could not have intended this result and that the court needed to uphold Congress’s mythical intention and ignore Obamacare’s actual language.

While Obamacare may be safe from court challenges, its future is far from assured. (more…)

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Will Seizure of Russian Assets Hasten Dollar Decline?


By: Ron Paul

While much of the world focused last week on whether or not the Federal Reserve was going to raise interest rates, or whether the Greek debt crisis would bring Europe to a crisis, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague awarded a $50 billion judgment to shareholders of the former oil company Yukos in their case against the Russian government. The governments of Belgium and France moved immediately to freeze Russian state assets in their countries, naturally provoking the anger of the Russian government.

The timing of these actions is quite curious, (more…)

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Death Penalty: The Ultimate Corrupt, Big Government Program


By: Ron Paul

Nebraska’s legislature recently made headlines when it ended the state’s death penalty. Many found it odd that a conservatives-dominated legislature would support ending capital punishment, since conservative politicians have traditionally supported the death penalty. However, an increasing number of conservatives are realizing that the death penalty is inconsistent with both fiscal and social conservatism. These conservatives are joining with libertarians and liberals in a growing anti-death penalty coalition.

It is hard to find a more wasteful and inefficient government program than the death penalty.  (more…)

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UPDATE: 2014 Ron Paul Scholar – Allison Miller


2014 Ron Paul Liberty Scholarship award winner Allison Miller has had a year “full of activity and excitement” at Shorter University down in Rome, Georgia.

Allison recently completed her sophomore year at Shorter, where she continues to take on leadership positions on campus. For the upcoming academic year She has been elected as Vice President of the Student Government Association, and is now hosting a one hour political talk show on her campus radio station, Hawk Radio.  (more…)

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Soros Pushes US Bailouts and Weapons for Ukraine


By: Ron Paul

If you look at the track record of the interventionists you might think they would pause before taking on more projects. Each of their past projects has ended in disaster yet still they press on. Last week the website Zero Hedge posted a report about hacked emails between billionaire George Soros and Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

Soros is very close to the Ukrainian president, who was put in power after a US-backed coup deposed the elected leader of Ukraine last year. In the email correspondence, Soros tells the Ukrainian leadership that the US should provide Ukraine “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force.” In other words, despite the February ceasefire, Soros is pushing behind the scenes to make sure Ukraine receives top-of-the-line lethal weapons from the United States. Of course it will be up to us to pay the bill because Ukraine is broke. (more…)

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UPDATE: 2014 Ron Paul Scholar – Meghan Pettini


In 2014, Meghan Pettini was the inaugural award winner of the Ron Paul Legacy Scholarship. Since then she says she has had a very busy and wonderful year.

Meghan is now working full time at the Heritage Foundation as the Executive Assistant to the Group Vice President of Policy Promotion, where she assists the VP with administrative duties and fellowship programs. She is very excited to be working for such a prestigious organization. She is hoping to start a lecture series for undergraduate students to discuss the roots of the American political tradition in the next few months, something that she is very passionate about. (more…)

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Ex-Im Bank is Welfare for the One Percent


By: Ron Paul

This month Congress will consider whether to renew the charter of the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank). Ex-Im Bank is a New Deal-era federal program that uses taxpayer funds to subsidize the exports of American businesses. Foreign businesses, including state-owned corporations, also benefit from Ex-Im Bank. One country that has benefited from $1.5 billion of Ex-Im Bank loans is Russia. Venezuela, Pakistan, and China have also benefited from Ex-Im Bank loans.

With Ex-Im Bank’s track record of supporting countries that supposedly represent a threat to the US, one might expect neoconservatives, hawkish liberals, and other supporters of foreign intervention to be leading the effort to kill Ex-Im Bank. Yet, in an act of hypocrisy remarkable even by DC standards, many hawkish politicians, journalists, and foreign policy experts oppose ending Ex-Im Bank. (more…)

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Janet Yellen is Right: She Can’t Predict the Future


By: Ron Paul

This week I found myself in rare agreement with Janet Yellen when she admitted that her economic predictions are likely to be wrong. Sadly, Yellen did not follow up her admission by handing in her resignation and joining efforts to end the Fed. An honest examination of the Federal Reserve’s record over the past seven years clearly shows that the American people would be better off without it. (more…)

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