A Generation of Leaders to End the Fed


Thanks to Ron Paul’s leadership and their own studies, young men and women across the country are light years ahead of the average American when it comes to understanding the dangers of central banking.

We designed the Ron Paul Scholarships to award these type of young people with tuition assistance and encourage them to pursue a leadership position in the liberty movement.

But right now, there are many, many more deserving, hardworking, liberty-minded students than we have the resources to help.

And that makes me sick.

That is why we must ensure these young people have the resources and education they need to be the most effective, outspoken leaders possible.

These men and women are the future of the liberty movement, and they don’t want to stop with “Audit the Fed.”  They want to abolish the unconstitutional central bank all together!

The good news is, with your generous support, we can continue to expand our programs and award our highest number of scholarships yet

The deadline to apply for the 2015 Ron Paul Scholarships is coming up on March 23rd. Don’t miss out on your chance to apply for this wonderful opportunity.

Find out how to apply here.