Calling All Unpaid Interns… Get PAID!

For any liberty-minded young person looking to get involved in the political process, landing an internship in our nation’s capital can be the difference between continuing to chase that dream and choosing a new career path.

But landing the internship is only the first step towards a successful semester in Washington D.C.

The majority of internships in the D.C. area are unpaid. There are no shortage of applicants, and organizations and congressmen know that if you won’t work for free, they can find someone who will.

However, living here is expensive. In fact, a recent study found that it is the most expensive place to live in the country. How can young people possibly afford to live in D.C. during their internship?

We designed the M. Louise Tate Internship Grant program specifically for that reason. Get paid for your internship, and open up crucial opportunities to fight for liberty in the political process.

Find out more about our internship grant program and apply here.