Interns support the infrastructure of liberty

Is Dr. Ron Paul your hero? Are you interested in becoming a vital piece of the Liberty Movement? Does big government have you “down in the dumps”?


Internships in the Washington D.C. area are not exactly easy to come by, and many interns are without a doubt over-qualified for their respective position. Many have already graduated college, or may even be in grad school, law school, or pursuing their doctorate. This means that many of them are looking for a real job, you know, one that pays REAL money? The problem is, in order to get that job they want in the Liberty Movement, they must first prove themselves useful as an intern.

An internship with a congressman or liberty minded organization could be just the thing you need to “get your foot in the door” of the Liberty Movement. But who wants to work for free? That’s where the Campaign for Liberty Foundation comes in. We not only identify tomorrow’s leaders in the movement, we provide them financial support so they can chase their vision of fighting tyrannical government across the country.

The M. Louise Tate Leadership Fund was established specifically for that reason. Louise Tate was an unsung hero within the Liberty Movement. A behind-the-scenes super star who dedicated her life to a free and prosperous America, but never sought the spotlight. For every Ron Paul, there needs to be thousands of Louise Tate’s in order for our movement to grow.


This fund was established for one reason: to provide $1,000 grants to unpaid interns in the Washington D.C. area. Living in D.C. is expensive, and our hope is to provide opportunity for young men and women who may not have had it otherwise. We have identified these young people as future leaders within the movement. Individuals who will not only carry on the legacy of Dr. Paul, but also put in the effort behind the scenes like Louise Tate.

Because you know he's not

Because you know he’s not