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The IRS and Congress Both Hold Our Liberty in Contempt

By: Ron Paul This week the Justice Department announced it would not charge former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official Lois Lerner with contempt of Congress. Some members of Congress requested that Lerner be charged with contempt after she refused to testify at a congressional hearing investigating her role in denying or delaying the applications for […]

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IRS seizes property because taxpayers followed the law

By: Norm Singleton No, that is not a misprint. Sunday’s New York Times reports on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)’s practice of seizing people’s bank accounts because they obeyed federal money laundering laws. You see, the Bank Secrecy Act (with should be called the elimination of Banking Privacy Act), requires banks to file a “Suspicious Activity Report” whenever […]

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Nixon’s Vindication

By: Ron Paul Forty years ago many Americans celebrated the demise of the imperial presidency with the resignation of Richard Nixon. Today it is clear they celebrated too soon. Nixon’s view of presidential powers, summed up in his infamous statement that, “when the president does it that means it is not illegal,” is embraced by […]

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