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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Plans Cost $21.8 Billion

That’s right, according to the President’s new budget proposal, his student loan forgiveness plans are costing American taxpayers even more than expected. Politico reported yesterday that the $21.8 billion shortfall is, “apparently the largest ever recorded for any government credit program.” Yikes. And since this a government credit program, it will be added on to […]

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Student Loan Forgiveness Plans Cost Taxpayers Billions

Recently, President Obama has been touting his various student loan repayment plans, which provide repayment relief to recent graduates who are saddled with mountains of debt. For those who qualify, these plans cap student loan payments at 10% of their monthly income, and provide forgiveness after at least 10 years of timely payments. But what […]

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It’s Your Fault College Grads

By: Michael Clayton Congratulations college graduates, you are to blame for the current lousy housing market. The fact that you are spending a large chunk of your monthly budget paying off your student loan debt has caused serious repercussions in the economy. A new study by home building adviser John Burns Consulting found that student […]

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