Apply Now for Spring Internship Grants

Today, the Campaign for Liberty Foundation released the applications for our Spring 2015 Internship Grants via the M. Louise Tate Leadership Fund. If you have an unpaid Spring 2015 internship with a liberty minded organization or Congressman, make sure you apply today for these $1,000 grants!

The goal of the M. Louise Tate Leadership Fund is to provide internship grants to young, liberty-minded individuals who are seeking to intern with a DC-based, pro-limited government organization or Congressman.

At the Campaign for Liberty Foundation, we strive to identify and empower future leaders in the Liberty Movement. Sometimes these leaders serve behind the scenes. They don’t look for the spotlight or appear in nightly newscasts, but they make the Liberty Movement what it is today.

The passion, dedication, and hard work that these individuals provide are a big part of why our movement is a force to be reckoned with. With the announcement of the M. Louise Tate Leadership Fund, the Campaign for Liberty Foundation is seeking to honor and advance more young men and women like her.

Needless to say, the cost of living in the Washington D.C. area is exceptionally high (thanks to all the high-paying government jobs).  Many just can’t afford to “take the plunge” and follow their real passions — like fighting for liberty and limited government.

Our goal is to make sure that the best and brightest the Liberty Movement has to offer actually get the opportunity to become the next Louise Tate. We want this one-time grant to allow them greater access to opportunity while advancing our shared cause of freedom and prosperity.

Please apply here today!

And if you feel compelled, won’t you please help me honor a woman who dedicated her entire life to liberty AND provide the future leaders with much needed financial assistance by supporting the M. Louise Tate Leadership Fund? You can donate here.