By: Julian Hassan

We log onto Facebook to share our successes, that new job we got or our acceptance into grad school.

Some commentators have even gone as far as to say that you shouldn’t check your Facebook feed if you are depressed since it will cause you to compare yourself too much to others.

Imagine if instead we started sharing our inability to find a job, that rejection letter, or that crushed hope. Generation Opportunity “72 Hours of Action” doesn’t go that far. There is no need to depress your friends. No, this program is much more interesting and undeniably millennial.

The idea is to compare the level of unemployment for young people aged 16-25 in your state to the level in all the states where your Facebook friends live. A cool feature is that all of your friends’ profile pictures will pop up on a map.

Take a break from sharing your successes. Don’t start complaining all the time though. Try connecting with your friends on real barriers that we all face, some more than others, but across the board. Today is the last 24 hours of their effort, but it might change the way we use social media to spread the liberty message. And it only takes two minutes to check out.

Check out what Generation Opportunity is doing here.

Then you can check the average student loan debt per state here.